Importance of a Good Bookkeeping System

I have heard many small business owners say "a good bookkeeping system is not just “important” for a small business", but having a good bookkeeping system in place can mean the difference between success and failure. Successful companies with good internal bookkeeping systems have better control over their cashflow and understand their profitability. Companies with no bookkeeping or record keeping system do not understand their costs and are often unable to stay on top of the many tax deadlines that they must manage.

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Villa Builders, Inc

Lin Kahmer of Superior Bookkeeping Services has been taking care of all of our bookkeeping needs since June of 2003. She handles our payables, accounts receivable, weekly payroll and processes that involve complicated bookkeeping—such as payroll tax filing, unemployment filing, and end of year closing. These processes run more efficiently for us with Lin’s knowledgeable help. She is highly competent about every bookkeeping task imaginable.

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